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The Publisher's role in "Taking Care Of Business" is what enables the Composer to devote his or her time to creative pursuits. Their partnership is based upon fairness, mutuality, necessity and trust - it has unwaveringly withstood the test of time [Edward Murphy]
Geoff Paynter Music Publishing ("GPMP") is one of South Africa's top independent music publishing companies, and is a hands-on, owner-run and managed, music publisher that administers many of the best loved songs of all time. Established in late 2008, but drawing on business relationships and personal friendships forged over decades, GPMP has, in a short time period, become a formidable force in Southern African music publishing, providing an attractive alternative home for composers and publishers (both international and local) seeking that rare combination - a company small enough for its staff to know and recognise its repertoire, yet influential and well-connected enough to provide an effective, creative and competitive force in its marketplace.

If you are looking for a music publisher in Southern Africa and a company where the owner himself takes your call and personally looks after your interests, please consider us.

If you are an advertising agency, or a film of music producer looking for hit songs for your next campaign, please let us assist you in finding the one that will work best for you.

Whatever your song requirements are, feel free to contact us.

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